Prescription Discount Card and Discharge Summary Integration

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Free Prescription Discount Cards for your patients.

You may have noticed that many printed discharge summaries and care instructions that are provided to patients now include a prescription discount card.  Providing this free card to patients at the end of each visit is a simple and free way to add value and increase prescription compliance.Patients can save up to 80% when they fill their prescription at their own pharmacy.  The card is 100% free and is accepted at over 60,000 pharmacies nationwide. There is absolutely no catch. The patient simply shows the card to the pharmacy and will be provided an instant discount when they fill their prescriptions.

When a patient is discharged, they are provided a printed summary from the patient management software. The prescription savings card information can now be embedded into each patient’s discharge summary. We will provide you with the card information and you simply integrate it as you see fit on the forms printed and already being provided to the patients at the end of each visit.

When a staff member is explaining the discharge instructions to the patient, they can point out the prescription savings card to the patient and share that it can help reduce the cost of their prescriptions. This is a completely free addition to any patient management software that will help patients that need assistance affording their medication.

If you would like to add our free discount card information to your discharge summary, please complete the form below. We will provide you with the card details and necessary information as soon as possible.

Discharge Summary Integration